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     ...we are called to act justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with our God.

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Visitation Academy is dedicated to providing quality education in an atmosphere of Catholic values and principles. Catholic education is a priority for us at Visitation Academy and for many who wish to instill in their children a deep faith and appreciation for their commitment to Jesus as a Christian.

In light of our commitment to Catholic education, we at Visitation Academy are constantly striving to offer quality Catholic education at a price affordable to all who desire to educate their children in this environment. It is a struggle to keep up with salaries, expenses and also balance an affordable tuition. Recently, we established a TUITION ANGEL PROGRAM.

The TUITION ANGEL PROGRAM enables Visitation Academy Interparochial to grant assistance to families who find themselves in temporary financial difficulties.This program is sustained by contributions which go directly to the fund with no administrative costs. Through the generosity of parishioners, alumni, and business associates Visitation has already been able to assist many families.

Many donors contribute in memory of a deceased relative or friend while others have contributed through matching donations from their places of employment. Memorial cards can be obtained from the school office to send in memory of a deceased loved one or in honor of a birthday or anniversary celebration. Many of our parishioners and alumni send donations to TUITION ANGEL in lieu of flowers.

Please help us to continue to offer such a valuable education to future generations. All donations are greatly appreciated and no amount is too small.Your generosity and sacrifice will be rewarded.

All donations are tax deductible.  To donate please send a check or money order to:

Visitation Academy 
222 Farview Avenue
Parmaus NJ 07652