Visitation Academy
     ...we are called to act justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with our God.

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Why Visitation Academy?

Why Visitation Academy?

Why a Catholic School for your child?
Catholic schools offer a faith-filled education and academic excellence for students
nationwide.National test scores, high school graduation rates, college attendance and
other data shows that Catholic schools frequently out perform schools in both the public

and private sector. The good news is that there is still a strong demand and enthusi


Excellence in Academics

Maintaining High Standards

  Stu dents explore their faith
  through classes and activities
  in scripture, sacraments, church
  and morality.

  Students score significantly above       National averages on standardized     testing.

  Visitation Academy was     recognized in 2012 as a Blue   Ribbon School of Excellence by the Washington DC Department of   Education.

 Stress the value of self-discipline
 and commitment.

 Research shows that because of
 a greater emphasis on homework
 and study, Catholic school students   develop more effective writing skills.

 Visitation Academy faculty   members are all state certified,
 fully qualified professionals   committed to bringing out the best
 in their students as they grow in  knowledge, skills, and values.

 Faculty and staff are role models
 who share their faith, their talents 
 and their time.


 Have an excellent success rate in   educating minority students.

 Visitation Academy is Middle 
 States accredited.

 While not all students who come
 to Visitation academy are Catholic,
 all share experiences of faith and   values.

 Strive to create a special bond
 among the students, the home,
 the school, and the church so
 that all share the sense of

 Visitation Academy curriculum   meets all state regulations and   guidelines.

 Encourage each student to accept
 the challenges of being a Christian
 in tomorrow’s world.

 A Catholic school education is worth
 the cost. Its money wisely spent.
 Your child’s tuition is an investment   which pays a lifelong dividend.

 Visitation Academy engage in
 an ongoing process of evaluation,   certification, and accreditation of   both teachers and programs.