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Hot Lunch Menu

DMS FOOD SERVICE   (Monthly menu will be posted below)

My name is Dolores Manocchio. For those who don't know me, I have been a part of this Visitation family since 2002. My husband and I have 5 boys, three of which has since graduated and 2 remaining at Visitation. Lucius is in the 7th grade and Logan is in the 3rd grade.

We also have a pizzeria located in North Bergen for over 30 years and it is still going strong. I myself have in the past 2 years worked for a lunch service in Hasbrouck Heights. I am State certified and I am very excited to bring fresh and healthy foods to our children for lunch. I know as a parent we want healthy, but as a student, they want good tasting. So I am hoping to do both.

The lunch cost this year will be $5.00 for a meal deal which consists of a main dish, fresh fruit, fresh salad/vegetables, and a drink. There will be an A or B option each day. You will also have the option the choose an A or B ala carte for $3.50, which would consist of the main dish with no sides or drinks. There will also be the option to order fresh bagels and salads which is listed on the order form.

The lunch orders will need to be placed weekly. Every first day of the week you should bring in your order for the week with cash or check made payable to DMS Food Service. I know you are accustomed to monthly orders but, with all the options you will now have it would be best for you and Ito do it weekly. There is a sample order form filled out for you to make the process a little easier.

The first week of lunch will be a little crazy. So to make it easier and quicker for all, I ask you to please go over the menu with your child and fill in the form for the week. I have one more request for the first 2 days of lunch. Would you please put on a separate piece of paper, 1 for each day, their name, grade and what they are ordering? They can bring it with them to lunch and use it as a ticket to give to me to serve them.

I look forward to a wonderful healthy year with our children. If you need to reach me, with any questions or concerns my email address is . Also, if you need to, you can call the school during the day and I can be reached.


Dolores Manocchio
DMS Food Service