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Grade 2 Summer MATH Packet (pdf)
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Ms. Serra

Welcome to 2nd Grade

Good Morning Everyone:  The Following Assignments Are For The Entire Week (Week 10)  

May 26th-29th  Also if you would like to practice any math or language arts skills please log into IXL or Class Works. Remember your login information is in your student planners.

Tuesday,May 26th 

Religion-  Family Life Please log into   Go to Page 51 (lesson 9) Family Connections  Read pages 51-53 and then complete the activities on pages 52 and 53. All activities can be completed on loose leaf paper.  

Math-  Chapter 12, Lesson 12-9  Hour and Half Hour  Complete workbook pages 531-534

Reading-  This week we will be focusing on the new story of the week Now and Ben   Read the following pages on the Vocabulary Words 516-517 and then pages 520-539. While reading the story think about the essential question: Why might a person from long ago still be important today?    

Spelling - This week we will be focusing on words with -ao, -ow, -ee, -ea

seated, keeps, speed, seen, means, clean, groan, roast, bowls, crow, owe, grown, green, snow, peace, below

Complete Reader's Notebook pages 220 

Music - Mrs. Rossman is having a Zoom Meeting with you today. Please check Google Classroom for the Zoom Meeting information

Wednesday May 27th 

Reading-   Re-read Now and Ben  (pgs.520-539) and review vocab. words.(pgs. 516-517)  Then read pages 544-546 (A Model Citizen) Complete Reader's Notebook pages 224-225

Math-   Complete Lesson 12-10 Five Minutes   pages 535-538

Spelling-  In Reader's Notebook complete page 226

ELA-   In your reading textbooks read pages 548-549 (Choosing Between Adjectives and Adverbs) In Reading notebook or on loose leaf complete Try This on page 548. Complete pages 218 and 221 in Reader's Notebook.

Gym - Check to see if Mrs. Famularo has posted an assignment in Google Classroom. 

Thursday May 28th Zoom Meetings Beginning at 10-12:30

Religion-  Family Life Lesson 10 Read pages 54-56 More Connections and complete the 2 activities on pages 54, 55 and 56 on loose leaf paper

Spelling - Reader's Notebook pages 228-229

Math-  Lesson 12-11 A.M. and P.M. Complete pages 539-542

Computers - Don't forget to see if Monticello has an assignment for you to complete

Spanish - Don't forget to see if Senor Negrin has posted anything in Google Classroom

Friday 29th

Religion-  Family Life Complete pages 57-58 Reviewing Unit 5 ( This is a test please write answers on loose leaf paper ) Please email to me, please do not complete Working Together on the bottom of pages 58

Close Reader- Complete pages 144-147

Phonics-  Reader's Notebook pages 217,219 and 223 

ELA - Reader's Notebook pages 227, 230 and 231 

Math-  Chapter 12 Review pages 549-550

Art- Check to see if Ms. McCallister has assigned an assignment in Google Classroom


Please have your child complete these assignments daily.  I will be communicating via email and through Google classroom.  If you have any questions please email me at Also students should be reading for about 45 minutes each day.  

Thank you,

Ms. Serra