Visitation Academy
     ...we are called to act justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with our God.

     222 N. Farview Avenue, Paramus, NJ 201-262-6067 Phone, 201-261-4613 Fax


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  Father Eugene Field Pastor 
Our Lady of the Visitation
  Ms. Kimberly Harrigan Principal  
  Mrs. R. Robles PreK 3
  Ms. J. Schlett PreK3 Assistant
  Ms. R. Meeker PreK4
  Mrs. M. Pagliaro PreK4 Assistant
  Mrs. S. Henderson KA - Kindergarten
  Mrs. M. Fontana Kindergarten Assistant
  Mrs. E. Rubino 1st Grade
  Ms. A. Serra 2nd Grade
  Mrs. M. Fasanella 3rd Grade
  Mrs. M. Trimm 4th  Grade
  Ms. L. Delillo 5A – 5th Grade
  Mrs. E. Siegel 5B – 5th Grade
  Mrs. L. Scheinzeit 6A - 6th Grade
  Mrs. A. Romain 6B – 6th Grade
  Mrs. L. Maliani 7A – 7th Grade
  Ms. M. Letizia 7B – 7th Grade
  Ms. J. Brienza 8A – 8th Grade
  Mrs. L. Flager 8B – 8th Grade
  Mrs. D. Famularo Physical Education
  Mrs. L. Rossmann Music
  Mrs. D. Monticello Technology Integrator
  Art Teacher Art Teacher
  Mr. Airan Negrin Spanish
  Mrs. C. Mack RN School Nurse
  Mrs. R. Stanton Secretary
  Mrs. M. Rizzo Business Manager
  Mrs. D. Pagano Admissions/Development