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Grade 5 Summer Directions 2020 (pdf)
Grade 5 Summer Science 2020 (pdf)
Grade 5 Shiloh Project 2020 (pdf)
Grade 5 Summer Social Studies Project 2020 (pdf)
Grade 5 Summer Math (pdf)
Number the Stars!
5th grade curriculum (pdf)
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Mrs. Siegel


                                Welcome to Grade 5    

                              Mrs. Siegel                  

                        Science: Grades 4 & 5


Science: Grade 4:   Chapter 1- Classifying plants and animals: Lesson 1:

What are the building blocks of life?


Science: Grade 5: Chapter 2: Cells to systems: Lesson 2: What is inside a cell? 


Math: Chapter 1: Place value


Language Arts: Sentences/fragments; simple subjects, simple predicates
Reading: Selection: "A Package for Mrs. Jewls"; skills: setting, characters, plot, conflict, events, resolution
Vocabulary: Unit 1; test on Unit 1 on Friday, 9/25
Religion: Chapter 1: "God's Wonderful Creation"





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