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5th grade curriculum (pdf)
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Mrs. Siegel


                        Welcome to Grade 5  

                              Mrs. Siegel             

                        Science: Grades 4 & 5


Science: Grade 4: Chapter 1- Classifying plants and animals;         Lesson 4: How are animals classified?

Science: Grade 5:  Chapter 3- Human Body Systems; Lesson 1: Circulatory System;  Flap chart on blood vessels due on Friday (10/18). Test on circulatory system on Friday (10/25).

Language Arts: Common and proper nouns, commas.  Test on Thursday

Reading:  Story selection: "Double Dutch"; skills: sequence,      suffixes -ion, -tion.

Vocabulary: Unit 4; test on Friday (11/1).

Religion:  Chapter on Saints  


* Extra help is available for the fourth and fifth grades.  Please contact me via email or note if your child will be coming for extra help/review  at least 24 hours prior .  Review sessions are the morning before scheduled tests - dates will be posted on this webpage.


* Please note that due to our schedule, we cannot have birthday treats in the classroom for student birthdays. 

* ​If you would like to order books from Scholastic, you may either order directly online using the class code GZ8GD , or you may send the completed order form with your child's name along with a check that is made out to Scholastic (not Visitation Academy) in an envelope .  Scholastic orders due by Thursday, October 24.  



       You may contact me with questions or concerns at: