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Spanish Class
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Mr. Airan Negrin



Education in the days of Covid 19 has become a challenge for teachers, students, and parents.

The online class system can be a little difficult to understand, next I will explain some of the guidelines that we are following in the case of the Introduction to World Language: Spanish classes.
Class hours continue according to school hours.
Each class consists of two parts, the first is the Video Class we do for Zoom, where the students work directly with me, this lasts 25 minutes.
The second part is the assignment of class work, with a duration of 20 minutes.
For this second part, students from PK to Third grade use the Rockalingua Website, students from Fourth to Eighth grade use Google Classroom.

Class schedule
Grade k - Wednesday - 9:15 am
First Grade - Wednesday - 10:00 am
Second Grade - Wednesday - 1:15 pm
Third Grade - Wednesday - 10:45 am
 Fourth Grade - Monday and Thursday - 9:00 am
Fifth grade A - Monday and Thursday - 9:40 am
Fifth Grade B - Monday and Thursday - 10:20 am
Sixth Grade A - Tuesday and Friday - 2:00 pm
Sixth Grade B - Tuesday and Friday - 1:15 pm
Seventh Grade A - Tuesday and Friday - 9:15 am
Seventh Grade B - Tuesday and Friday - 10:00 am
Eighth Grade A - Tuesday and Friday - 10:45 am
Eighth Grade B - Tuesday and Friday - 11:30 am

If you have questions about passwords, please contact me directly via email.

Rockalingua - Grades: Prek 3, Prek4, K, First, Second, Third.  














username:   name and last-name together. (with out capital letter)

 password:     Kinder - SpanishK

                      First Grade - Spanish1

                      Second Grade - Spanish2

                      Third Grade - Spanish3


Google Classroom - (All students)  

Please write to my email if you don't have the class code, each class has a different code.