Visitation Academy
     ...we are called to act justly, to love tenderly, to walk humbly with our God.

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Curriculum Grades 1-8
Bergen County Special Services
Middle States
Blue Ribbon Status

Blue Ribbon Status

                  Visitation Academy


The United States Department of Education recognized Visitation Academy Interparochial as a NATIONAL BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE on September 7, 2012. The Department of Education recognized 50 private and 219 public schools across the country for this prestigious award which is based on the schools overall academic excellence. Visitation Academy is noted as receiving this esteemed award based on their “Exemplary High Performance” which is measured by state assessments and nationally-normed tests.

 U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan stated during his announcement, “Our nation has no greater responsibility than helping all children realize their full potential. Schools honored with the National Blue Ribbon Schools award are committed to accelerating student achievement and preparing students for success in college and careers.  Their work reflects the conviction that every child has promise and that education is the surest pathway to a strong, secure future.”

Secretary Duncan echoes much of Visitation Academy’s philosophy and mission. The unity of faculty, staff and parents as well as the parish community has enabled this prestigious honor.

In celebration of the 2012 Blue Ribbon honor received, Visitation Academy Interparochial welcomed special guests on Tuesday evening, January 22, 2013. Guests included Senator Bob Gordon, Assemblywoman Connie Wagner, Assemblyman Tim Eustace, County Executive Kathleen Donovan and, Freeholder Maura DiNicola, Deputy Mayor Kovalcik and Brother Ralph Darmento, acting Superintendent of Schools from the Archdiocese of Ne wark.

Visitation Academy was recognized as a highly esteemed educational institute, noted for the school’s meritorious record in quality of teaching, curriculum and student environment. Visitation Academy was also recognized for their contribution to the community-at-large through various outreach programs and charitable endeavors. 

The evening commenced with students performing various songs expressing the values Visitation Academy holds dear. Our school song, “We Are Called,” encompasses our Mission Statement. We are called to act with justice, to love tenderly, to serve one another and to walk humbly with God. The dignitaries expressed their  appreciation for Visitation Academy Interparochial. It was noted that Visitation Academy “is an exceptional example of the success possible through selfless efforts of concerned and dedicated people.”