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Innovations in Catholic Education Awards

Congratulations to Visitation Academy who was honored in Chicago on April 24, 2019 at the NCEA Convention. Today’s Catholic Teacher , the cornerstone periodical for Catholic educators, honored 12 finalists for the national Innovations in Catholic Education (ICE) awards. The staff at  Today’s Catholic Teacher  searched for the schools with the best innovations in Catholic education, and more than 100 schools responded with descriptions of unique programs and projects. The award honored 12 Catholic schools that have led the way by implementing exemplary, innovative programs to improve the teaching and learning of their students, faculty, and staffs.

Visitation Academy was honored for their new Maker Space room. Earlier this year, Principal Ms. Harrigan and technology integration specialists, Mrs. Monticello and Ms. McAllister,  attended a Makerspace workshop which focused on the benefits of implementing Maker Spaces in schools to provide students additional opportunities for hands-on STEM activities involving collaboration, design and creativity.

The Maker Space room was opened to the school community in September and it was very well received. Students in Early Childhood through 8th grade work on STEM challenges and activities that are relevant to curriculum areas. The students work collaboratively, in small groups, using a variety of technology and common materials to complete challenges. In completing such challenges, students are using the engineering design process to investigate, design, create and evaluate. This affords students with opportunities to utilize hands-on, critical thinking skills, as each team member has a chance to act as designer, builder, quality control engineer and product tester while completing the challenges.

These challenges are preparing Visitation Academy students for technological and collaborative challenges they will face in their future.