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Box of JOY!

           By packing Boxes of Joy with toys and other gifts, your child will bless a child suffering from extreme                       poverty by sharing the joy of Christmas and planting seeds of hope through the Gospel.

We have set a goal to bless 250 impoverished children in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Guatemala!

The oldest and only of each family will bring home an empty Box of Joy and brochure with attached participant envelope to fill out. Understandably, there is a small cost to transport each Box of Joy from our community to the receiving child (please write the $9 check to Cross Catholic Outreach, not the school).

Your children will choose the gender and age range of the child he/she wants to bless. Have fun on your family shopping spree to personally select the items you feel a special boy or girl would really like! See the brochure or website for details about what to pack, or not pack.

The deadline for returning your packed Boxes of Joy will be November 3rd.

We encourage every student and every family member to pack a Box of Joy!   If you need additional boxes, please let us know . Also, gift ideas are posted below.

For more info, contact me at or check out


Thank you!

Mrs. Maliani