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Alumni Updates

Many, many thanks to the following alumni for their generous donations

Peter Troy - Entrance date: September 5, 1963   - $500
Rocco Rositano Jr. - $500
Brian Scheld - Class of 1970 - $100
Alicia Miller Zucatti - Class of 1976 - $25
Edward Lang - Class of 1972 - $50
Kathleen Blaha Emr - Class of 1971 - $50
Eileen Cooney Crimmins - Class of 1972 - $50
Patricia Kunz - Class of 1968 - $100
James Mandler - Class of 1972 - $50
Thomas Burke - Class of 1972 - $100
Barbara Paladino - Class of 1970 - $50
Richard Oppenheimer - Class of 1961 - $50
Thomas Picinich - Class of 1977 - $100


Many thanks to Rebecca Starace, Class of 2005. rebecca very generously offered a preogram for our 2nd and 3rd grade students called "Paws to Read! Students have the opportunity to read aloud to an International Certified Therapy Dog, Daisy.

Studies from UC Davis’s School of Veterinary Medicine have shown that when children read aloud to dogs:

•Public speaking anxiety decreases
•Reading frequency increases & children become more confident readers
•Focus, concentration and motivation improves
•Vocabulary is expanded by as much as 30%









Congratulations to Dr. Jillian Grigoryan – Koster. Graduated Drexel College of Medicine this weekend. Dr. Koster will be at New Hampshire Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency at Concord Hospital.

Jillian is a Visitation Academy graduate of the Class of 2001.
"Visitation Academy has provided me with an excellent academic foundation, strong morals, and a desire to reach out to the community. I have carried this with me throughout my educational career by using God’s gift of intellect to help those around me. I truly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my faith, which has helped me maintain my motivation to become a physician.”


Anastasia Mart ino 
Visitation Class of 2004,
graduated from UMDNJ/Rutgers
as aDoctor of Physical Therapy. 






  David Caulfield, Class of 2006

Visitation Academy Alumnus, Dave  Caulfield,  joined the SKYWARN 6 Weather Team in Wichita Falls, Texas and  also reports for Newschannel 6. Dave is very excited to be working and living in Withcita Falls, and keeping Texoma informed about the weather.  Dave visited our 3rd grade students to share with them his weather experiences.








Michelle Perez Class of 2002

Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Perez 
IHA Honors: National Honor Society, National Merit Scholar, National Hispanic Merit Scholar

John Hopkins University Honors:  Johns Hopkins Grant Recipient, Herman K. Goldberg Memorial Scholar, Graduating with University Honors, Graduation with Honors in Spanish Major, member of Lambda Epsilon Mu and Sigma Delta Pi Honor Societies, Graduating with a B.A. in Public Health Studies and Spanish Language

Tufts University Medical School
" At Visitation I developed a strong work ethic and passion for learning.  These qualities provided a strong foundation throughout my years at Immaculate Heart Academy and Johns Hopkins University.  Throughout my time at Visitation the importance of using your talents to serve others was always stressed.  This lesson was an important part of my choice to pursue a career in medicine"

Juliette D’Ambrosio Class of 2005
           Dorothy and Jack McKenna Memorial Award

Jaclyn Schiemer Class of 2005
          Jennifer Grace Brawley Memorial Award

Winona Wu Class of 2006
          The Bausch and Lomb Science Award given in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and superior
          intellectual promise in the field of Science.

Ian McKiernan  Class of 2008    
           Duke University Dean's List

Mary Rizzo Class of 2006 
            Saint John's University Dean's List and 2012 Telly Award for Assistant Producer-Social Issues Category

Christopher Pagano Class of 2005
           Franciscan University's sole recipient of the 2013 Finance Award